To do—not todo. You know, not like the “idiot intern” on iCarly once said…

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Ah, I still love a good iCarly reference, no matter how far from the “iKari” days this blog gets…

But, seriously, it seems like I see “todo” lists everywhere these days. Mentally, that is, for the most part… although I’m gonna have to start writing on sticky notes and posting them all over the house (and car) if this gets any worse.

You know that saying, “if it’s not one thing, it’s another”? Or… did I just make that up… Well, either way, that describes exactly how I’m feeling this week! Because, as soon as I get one thing finally accomplished… twenty more things pop-up behind in its wake!

Am I the only one experiencing this… right now?

I feel like this is a time when everyone should be slowing down, I mean, if you haven’t already been forced to. But, not me, I guess. I have 10x the amount of work to do than I usually do… and, yeah, about half of it is my own doing, but the other half comes from external factors/circumstances. Like, for example, I just started a new wave of accelerated summer courses while trying to finish up work on my next audiobook (which, more on that, of course, hopefully soon to come!)… and, at the same time, right after getting back from my unexpectedly long stay in Wisconsin, I, for whatever reason, still had energy to spare and got the idea that it would “fun” to destroy my semi-permanent bedroom and do a total room makeover, intensive wall painting included.

And, has it been fun? Well, that’s a good question. I’ve been too stressed out by the 70 other things that just got added to my mental lists to tell.

I guess, really, I just want to catch a break, you know? I need more time to just breathe and less time to think. Because, honestly, when I get to calculating all this stuff I still have yet to do, my mind starts racing at 1000000 miles (or kilometers, whatever you prefer) an hour, and there’s no breaks for stopping it. Of course, though, I also can’t really relax until after it’s all done… so, then it turns into one of those (not to sound cliche, but) vicious cycles.

To do to do to do to do to do. So much to do!

What about you guys? How busy have your to-do lists made you lately?

If anything, I guess I’m at least getting something done… when I’m not getting anxious about what else I have to do afterward, that is!

Also… if anyone has any advice for how to either pause or power through the lists, let me know! Before I get desperate…


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