Your book: the situation

So, here’s the sitch… How’s your current book in the works (or any fictional writing project you left alone for a while) doing? Fine, you say?

No… really? How’s it doing?

Whether your fictional book/work is just doing eh, okay, terrible, or great, we could also use some extra spice in it! I mean, if it’s really doing bad, then you can only make it better… and, if it’s already good, then you can make it even better!

So, think about some situations that could arise in your piece to create possible conflict, or maybe even possible resolution. Whichever way, it will make it more interesting, at the very least. So… what situations can you think of?


Well, no need for you to think of any… because I’ve already come up with some for you!

So, check out the list of situations below that I’ve come up with to help you spice up your stories! Pick and choose what may or may not work for your current writing situation.

Here’s the situation: your character just…

  • Actually won a sweepstakes.
  • Got a call from a relative… from prison.
  • Met a celebrity at a gas station.
  • Tried to propose or was proposed to, but it didn’t work out…
  • Became a mall Santa, or elf.
  • Saw a friend on the national news.
  • (Accidentally) ran over a cat.
  • Had a job interview.
  • Became a foster parent.
  • …Came down with COVID.
  • Attended a bridal/wedding shower.
  • Started a kitchen fire.
  • Finished an 18-hour Dr. Phil binge.

Now, some of these ideas are a little bland, while others are more… well, out there. But, really, they don’t have to completely change the direction of your story—maybe you just want to write a time-lapse of John’s Monday and say, “He had a job interview, then ran some errands, and then worked his volunteer hours at the animal shelter.”, and then get on with whatever the story is really about. Or, maybe, you really do need a big change of pace in the whole story, and so you take, “John actually won a sweepstakes trip to Brazil for a month.” and run with it.

Any situation you get caught in, though… let me know how it goes!


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