On the road again…

I can wait to get on the road again.

So, guys, what’s up? Where’s my homedogs at, what’s going on in all y’all’s lives? Curious about mine? No? Well, I’m gonna talk about it anyway.

It seems like just yesterday I got home from the big ol’ WI. You know, where I was stuck in pandemic quarantine for 3 months longer than I had anticipated, nannying for my nieces. And hey, it was fun while it lasted and all… but I was ready to be home once June came around.

And, now, guess what? I’m packin’ up my (new-ish still) Juicy Couture suitcase and loadin’ up my Pontiac again! Because, well, I got another nannying gig for… wait for it… all FOUR of my nephews. Watching four young boys that aren’t yours all at once… sounds super fun, right?

Well, I guess it would be kind of fun if we could all just, like, go to the playground for a few hours and I could sit back with a magazine while they all destroy the monkey bars like chimpanzees. But, no, it won’t be like that… because they’re all (minus the one two year old) supposed to be doing virtual school, as are at least half of all the other kids in the world right now… so, now I have to play both nanny and homeschool teacher. Class is in session, kids… right?

I mean, you guys know how hard it is to get children from preschool to third grade to sit in front of a computer and focus for seven hours a day, right? Well, actually, I guess you might not know if you haven’t been in the same boat before, and I don’t actually know yet because I haven’t hoped in that boat yet, but… I’m just imagining it’ll be pretty difficult.

So, pray for me.

Just kidding.

Eh, I guess I love my nephs, so it’ll all be okay. I’ve got a full class load of online courses for fall myself, too, so maybe I can get them all to sit at an oversized desk with me and we can all work on our Macs and iPads side-by-side like a big, content and peaceful family!

Wishful thinking, I know.

Well, I’ll be nephew-nannying for only a month (if all goes according to the non-existent plan), and then I’ll be home for… well, only a few days, and then I’m going back to Wisconsin for another month! If there’s ever been a good definition of a busy bee, it’s me.

So, needless to say, although I’m gonna say it anyway… I may slack a little on my blog here. Only maybe, though; I’m still gonna try my best to post bi-weekly. Now, whether that’s the twice a week kind of bi-weekly or the once every two weeks kind of bi-weekly… now, that’s up for interpretation.

At the same time, though, I’m getting the official release post with ALL available retailer links for my newest audiobook, “What Now, Emma Lenford?”!!!

And that’s super exciting, so stay tuned…

And also stay tuned to see if I’m still alive by the end of my first week as a nephew-nanny/homeschool teacher/impossibly overwhelmed human being.


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