Some more paintings I did!

Remember last week’s post about some paintings I’ve recently done? Well, I said I’d share some more this week, and so that’s what I’m about to do!

Now, I wanted to share these all in one post because they’re all pretty small. Tiny paintings, if you will. But that doesn’t mean they were any less difficult to do (well, for some, it did), and that they don’t deserve a big shoutout!

So, here’s the first.

This mini beachy scene is actually only on a 4 by 4 inch (or about 10 by 10 centimeter) canvas, although it looks a lot bigger in pictures!

I got the idea for this piece when I was looking back through my scrapbook and saw the pictures I took at the beach last summer. It was our family dog’s first time in her 10 years being in the sand, too, and I all I could remember is how much fun she had just digging holes for her poop.

So, naturally, I painted a paw print on the beach in her honor.

Secondly, we have… a little inspiration piece.

I had been wanting to make this one for a long time, since I actually took the photo of a squirrel on a pole which I used for reference over a year ago. And then I got to play around with the words/font a bit, too, so that was fun!

I painted this one on some 4 by 6 inch (or about 10 by 15 centimeter) canvas paper and popped it in a clear mini frame, too. For the most part, I really like this one because it combines two of my favorite things, painting and comedy, together, which, let me tell ya, does not happen often! I mean, it is a funny painting… right?

Anyway, up next are two blooming canvas magnets!

I’ve done a lot of small canvas magnets like this before, too, as you guys probably (…or probably do not) know. They’re really pretty, I think, and abstract-like because I focus on such small areas of flowers when I do them. Kind of Georgia O’Keefe-style, too, you think?

Each of these are 3 by 3 in (8 by 8 cm), too, so probably the tiniest in our post today… and, actually, the smallest I have done, like, ever.

Last for today, we have…

A galaxy over a mountain!

And, it’s the same size and in the same type of frame as our inspirational squirrel.

I’ve been experimenting with galaxy paintings lately because, honestly, I love them. And, actually, as I’ve discovered, they’re not that difficult to do! I may have even painting some galaxy-style triangles straight onto the walls of my bedroom recently…

But, anyway, that’s all for this week, guys! As pretty much always, every one of these pieces are for sale on my Etsy site, and as always-always, you can get 15% off of these and/or anything else on my Etsy shop with coupon code BLOG15!

And, again, as always… let me know what you thought/think!


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