Emma Lenford: now an AUDIOBOOK!


What Now, Emma Lenford? is officially out on all audiobook retail platforms and available for download now!


Find it at…

Note that the price will vary by retailer, but it is available at most for only 99 cents (and 89 cents on Chirp for further cheapness)!

Also note that Audible has it listed as an “erotica” novel for some reason or another… and it is totally NOT erotica, it is 100% teen fiction/young adult lit. I’m working on getting that kink fixed out… although I do think it’s kind of funny for the time being, so have a laugh with me, won’t you?

Also ALSO note that this audiobook may also even be available to you FREE if you check your local online library!

OKAY OKAY OKAY, that is all I have for you guys today. I just wanted to share this official accomplishment of publishing my second full-length audiobook, and I am beyond excited for you all to give it a listen!

So… of course, listen and let me know what you thought/think!

–Kari 🎧

One thought on “Emma Lenford: now an AUDIOBOOK!

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