Am I writing too fast?

Normally, I can’t get myself to sit still long enough to write 100 words at a time. Now, though, I’m churning out 10x that (you can do the math for me) with no problem. It’s great, really, and I love that I’m now making progress on my next novel… but now I’m afraid I’m just typing too fast.

How can I enjoy the writing ride if I just feel like I’m rushing through it? Because I’ve never written so much at a time, at a constant rate of (usually) every night, and therefore I’ve never made this much writing progress so quickly before. So, needless to say, I’m not sure how to feel about it…

I’m already almost 1/3… ONE/THIRD… of the way through my next book, and I literally only started it about a month ago. Normally, it takes me three months to make this kind of progress, if not more. So… what the heck’s goin’ on ’round here?

Maybe I’m just getting more efficient at writing. Maybe I’ve written enough now that I know how to write what I want to write, and now I can do it faster than I could with my last book. Maybe I’m just really in the mood to write anything I can right now… actually, just kidding, that’s definitely not it, as I’m struggling to pay attention to writing this right now.

Or, maybe I’m really into this next book. I mean, I feel interested in it as much as the last book, but maybe there’s a part of me deep down that’s like really, really into it, and I just don’t consciously know it… no?

Well, even though I can’t figure out why, the evidence shows that I’m writing faster now compared to before by quite a long shot. Now, I just have to figure out how to feel about it. Because it feels, right now… wrong.

Should I even keep writing at this pace? Or should I limit myself each day? That would probably feel even more wrong, because I’m usually setting minimum word counts for each session and not maximum word counts per day…

Or do I need to figure out a way to keep doing what I’m doing, but teach myself to enjoy the quick pace? Do I need to constantly remind myself that writing quickly is a good thing and that it’s best to do it that way?

So many questions to myself… zero answers.

If you guys have the time, let me know what you think, or if you’ve experienced the same/similar feelings before.

I’ve got speedy-quick fingers on the keyboard.


2 thoughts on “Am I writing too fast?

  1. You should enjoy this creative spell while it lasts, and if it happens to last for the rest of your life, then all the better! It’s a win-win situation anyway, because if this becomes your norm, you’ll learn to enjoy it someday, and if you revert back to your slower pace, you’ll also be able to enjoy writing. Wishing you all the best with your WIP!

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