The Drake quote of the day!

Hey, let’s make today great… by starting out with a quote from one of my absolute favorite lyricists… DRAKE!

Yeah, I’m a big Drizzy fan, just FYI for those who did not already know. And I always leave my boy a shout-out in each of my books’ acknowledgements sections. And sometimes… well, I guess that’s just not enough credit.

So, today, we’re gonna leave this page all simplified with… this here quote.

Live without pretending, Love without depending, Listen without defending, Speak without offending.


That quote was actually once in the running for my senior quote, you know, in high school. It lost out to another one of my favorites by Audrey Hepburn, though.

So, least I could do was share it will all of you!

Think it over, though… what do you think? Let me know.


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