A Writing Challenge… Result.

Hey y’all, remember the writing challenge I proposed to you last week? The one that goes something like…

Compose a short story… made up of 14 text messages… and ONLY 14 text messages.

And, as promised, I am here to today to take this challenge for myself!

So, here goes.

122-215-5676 at 13:22, 11/11/20: Passed the exam this afternoon, finally.

266-677-8901 at 13:56, 11/11/20: who is this

122-215-5676 at 14:01, 11/11/20: Issac K. I. LaLonde

266-677-8901 at 14:05, 11/11/20: i don’t know any lalondes. sorry

122-215-5676 at 14:08, 11/11/20: Sean’s sister Teresa-Ann Beck gave me this number

122-215-5676 at 14:09, 11/11/20: Sorry, isn’t this Dylan Everett from the Anthony Dorms?

266-677-8901 at 14:44, 11/11/20: no, actually, but this was his old number he gave to me. i can pass him your number in chem lab tomorrow if you want

122-215-5676 at 15:02, 11/11/20: That would be great. Also, can you tell him I have his Intro to Nutrition notebook, but I left it in Newman Hall.

266-215-5676 at 15:09, 11/11/20: no prob. also, i’m going to dinner in newman hall later, do you want me to look for it

122-215-5676 at 15:11, 11/11/20: If you could, yeah. It’s close to Vernon’s Table, right by the doors. I left it in one of the storage lockers. It’s where I keep a lot of stuff.

266-215-5676 at 15:13, 11/11/20: got it. does the locker have a combination though

122-215-5676 at 15:15, 11/11/20: Nah, I kept the door open.

266-215-5676 at 15:25, 11/11/20: ok. anything else

122-215-5676 at 15:31, 11/11/20: Yeah, make sure you don’t miss the Biannual University Rave, Nine o’clock at Ian’s place Thursday!

I really hope those aren’t real phone numbers…

Also, there it is! I tried the challenge! Did I pass?

ALSO ALSO, I put a lot of “little riddles” in all of that, if you didn’t catch it. If you need a hint as to what/where they are, I’ll tell you this: pay attention to the capitalized names/places.

And, of course, I invite you all to share your own versions of this challenge down below in the comments! I seriously wanna hear what you guys came up with!

AND AND let me know what you thought/think of this whole challenge.


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