We’ve all been there. We know the feeling. Uninspired. Drained. Loss of motivation.

I’ve certainly been feeling stuck myself lately, so you’re not alone. What’s important to focus on, now, though, is the “how-to”… not how to get stuck, but rather how to get unstuck.

So, below, I’ve created a short list of all my personal fave “unsticking” methods. Of course, they are things tailored to my interests, as I think the easiest/simplest way to get unstuck is just doing something you like to do, especially if it’s something you haven’t done in a while. Really, you just gotta find something that you’d be excited to do… and then do it!

But then… figuring out what that one thing you should do is can be the difficult part. That’s why I’ve made the list!

Again, remember that I made this list based on my own needs and likes… but you totally try any of them, whether they’re something you’re used to doing or not. And some things may be similar to things you’d rather do… for example, yoga is something I put on my list, but maybe there’s some other type of excerise that you enjoy more, like jogging!

Just read on and see what “things to do” inspire you!

  • Driving aimlessly (sometimes with a map, sometimes without; I like “exploring” roads)
  • Reading poetry
  • Practicing yoga
  • Sitting outside (when it’s semi-warm, at least)
  • Taking a bath (bubbles and bombs included!)
  • Playing an instrument
  • Doing the dishes (yep)
  • Stargazing, when possible
  • Getting out old video games (and then… playing them)
  • Organizing/re-organizing/decorating/re-decorating

Sometimes, just getting up and moving around, in whatever way possible, makes a big difference for me; especially during school days of hours upon hours behind a computer screen. Try that, if anything!

And one last point that I think is somewhat possibly helpful… if you’re stuck due to writing matters, then try to do anything (and maybe everything, if it comes to it) that has nothing to do with writing. It’s better to just take a rest from the task at hand completely for 5 minutes than give it half of your attention for a full hour… does that make sense?

Probably not… haha.

But, I tried to be helpful! Let me know if anything from my list helps you get unstuck, too!


2 thoughts on “Stuck.

  1. Lol, doing the dishes and playing old video games are my activities of choice too (more of the latter, though). And since I grew up during the DOS days, and there’s an entire free archive of my childhood games available online, there are loads of old games for me to go through. Thanks for sharing, Kari!

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