Any bird lovers around here? Or anybody who just tweets a lot?


Well, whether you do enjoy birdwatching or not, come sit and watch this!

So, update on me, I just returned back from winter break this week, and it’s my last semester (I hope/it better be)! But, I guess I’m glad to be back, because the workload is keeping me busy and tired once again. Which… actually, when I put it like that, it doesn’t sound so great, but it still makes me feel more like a normal, stressed person just like everyone else!

To keep myself at least somewhat occupied during break, though, I made some birdhouses! Well, I didn’t actually construct the houses, I just painted them; my wonderfully talented father (as he would like me to refer to him as) did the building parts. He’s pretty good at woodwork, though, and he had some days off work, too, so we kind of made a nice lil’ team effort in creating something cool.

Which, again, was… birdhouses.

Oh, in the shape of vintage campers!

Take a look at some of them below!

Each one also has a special little thingy-ma-bob on the top. One is a surf board, one a Christmas tree… and one a Snoopy! Pretty cute, I think.

Now, if you like these lil’ bird mobile homes, maybe even well enough to own one yourself… well, you can; they are now available for sale on my Etsy shop.

And, here’s something even better… use coupon code BLOG15 to get one or two or five of ’em super cheap!

And, I will say, if the camper craze is not exactly your thing… stay tuned, because I have some more traditional ones that will be up on my site soon as well.

Now, let’s all be happy campers! Or… birdwatchers.


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