The unofficial official announcement of audiobook progress!

You read it right, probably.

Audiobook production of my second Emma Lenford series book, What the Luck, Emma Lenford! Is a 1001% go. I mean, actually, it has been for a while now, and I’m not sure if I ever posted an announcement about that the first time around… but, anyway, right now I’m actually making progress on it, so that’s what really counts here.

AND HERE’S THE BEST PART… you can even hear a snippet of said official audio below, from my Twitter!

Haha, gotcha, it was only 2 seconds long.

But, still, in partial seriousness, I have started working on this next audiobook, and it is starting to come along. I’m doing the editing process a little differently this time, since it sucked so much the past 2 times… So, instead of recording every chapter all in order, I’m only doing the first half of them first, then editing them, then going back to record and edit the second half of the book. That probably makes no sense to anybody, including me, I’ll admit, but I was hoping this way that I can get a break from editing at the halfway mark.

Since I started… well, writing this post, though, I’m wondering if anyone would like to hear more updates on the audio as I progress even more? Maybe weekly or biweekly? Bi-weekly as in, like, every two weeks, I think… or is it twice a week? Or is it both, I never know.

Anyway, what, again, really counts here is that I’m sharing this progress with you all! And, possibly, I may share more with you as the weeks go by. Maybe more lengthy audio snippets, or candids from my quote-on-quote “studio”? Yeah, that’d be an experience to see, haha.

Let me know what you think below! Or, perhaps, how exciting you are (or aren’t) for the audiobook’s eventual release!

And, also, I just want to mention this here at the bottom where no one will probably see… I still feel super clever for coming up with the ‘What the Luck’ part of this book’s title…


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