I wish I had guinea pigs.

Get ready for the random, almost pointless post of the week… all about these lil’ cuties.

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Sometimes, you know, I like to go into the pet stores just to watch them in the tormenting small cages. And then tell them that one, possibly one day, I will conjure up the sixty bucks a piece to save them from that containment.

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But you are probably all wondering why I don’t just save up funds a piggy (haha) bank to obtain such adorable tiny cuddle creatures. Well, actually, I already do have enough saved up and put aside for them… but the catch is I have to put away even more money in the jar to find a place to live that will actually allow me to house them. Because, well… my roommates are not keen to this idea.

And by roommates, yes, I do, in fact, actually mean my parents.

Also, little known fact, guinea pigs are social animals and must be kept in groups of at least 2 to keep them from getting a kind of loneliness sickness.

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And, little known fact about me, I had a pet rabbit for quite a few years when I younger. Her name was Floppy, and she was a tame bunny that a neighbor basically rescued from the middle of the road. When she was a lil’ youngster, her ears were bigger than her body, and they flopped down (hence her name) so that she would trip over them every time she hopped. I would also be sure to get a handful of carrot sticks at school lunches when available and hide them in my pockets until I got home to give her a snack.

I don’t have any good pictures of her on me right now, but she looked something like…

According to Google, she was a “French Lop” rabbit, which I actually never knew until just now…

Image retrieved from Rabbit Breeders

Ah, memories with Floppy… but, she’s dead now (sorry, bad news, guys), and, anyway, the point I wanted to make with this is that rabbits and guinea pigs are actually super similar! Therefore, I am already experienced with raising such an animal and that fact alone should make for a good case on my part. I mean, if I needed a case for myself on getting guinea pigs sometime in the very near or very far future…

But, for right now, it seems guinea pigs are not in the cards for me. And I checked my tarot yesterday, and, seriously, the mention of pigs or rodents of any sort did not come up at all.

So, I suppose, I’ll keep staring at them through the cheap plastic walls of their Petsmart enclosures…

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