5 reasons to love teen spy books!

Hey homedogs, I have a little different kind of post for you today. One mainly for readers… but also some inspo for writers, too!

It’s all about… the many reasons you should (if you don’t already) love teen spy books! You know, young adult lit, teen fiction, or whatever you prefer to call this amazing genre-but with spies!

Because everyone loves spies, honestly. And if you don’t, you will by the time we’re done here.

Let’s list from the top, shall we?

1. Action, adventure, danger… and all of the above

Let’s think for a minute here… what puts us on the edge of our seats more than anything else? The correct answer would be: action, adventure, and danger–thrilling scenes that keep us turning the pages!

All spy books are full of these kinds of scenes. In fact, there’s hardly ever a dull moment, and when there is, it’s all the more sweet, like when the protagonists celebrate a victory after a super intense fight.

So, if you love the rollarcoaster of ups and downs and nonstop thrilling moments… well, you know I’m gonna recommend you check out spy fiction.

2. Gadgets and gizmos galore

Okay, “gadgets and gizmos” may sound really cliche and maybe even a bit cringey… but what else would you call the fun little pieces of “special equipment” guys like James Bond get to use? You know, like a laser watch or a pen that shoots a tranquilizer at bad guys in board meetings. Or bored meetings, you know, like when it’s so boring you just need to put everyone to sleep for a while so you can go grab a Coke and potato chips from the vending machine.

Gadgets and gizmos make the world of spies and secret agents go round. Wikipedia even has a whole page dedicated to listing every James Bond gadget used in every movie!

We love seeing those bad guys get taken down in creative ways, like with these unique gadgets. And it’s something only spy books and movies can give us!

3. …Romance, anyone?

More times than not, spy stories aren’t just spy stories; they also come with an underlying romantic theme. And, I know I keep referring to James Bond here, but 007 is, in fact, the most popular spy series of all time… and, think about how every Bond movie/book comes with a “Bond girl” . Yeah, sure, there’s sexy movie moments, but there’s also more heartfelt scenes where Bond and his romantic partner work together to save the world. And that’s always a good form of romance.

4. Secret agents are secretly people, too

What can we say–spies are like superheroes, minus the unhuman superpowers. They both work to save the world undercover, but spies are really just like everyone else–just like you and me.

When we read a great spy book, we get to put ourselves in the shoes of secret agents. And we can because we are both so alike; we’re both just normal people looking for adventure. What’s better than living out that adventure through the story of a spy on a thrill ride?

5. Teen books are the best books

I think it goes without saying that YA is the best book genre out there (true, that’s just my opinion, but it’s also… well, a true and correct opinion), but it’s also a big add-on to our list.

Teen fiction is relatable, and teen protagonists are some of the most likeable. They’re honest, humorous, and human!

Whether you’re a current teen yourself, or you were a teen once, you can enjoy relating to a young voice.

Now, ready to read and experience a teen spy book for yourself? Well, here’s one to get you started!

It’s the story of a 16-going-on-17 year old teenage girl and the adventures she gets to endure after she meets a boy who just happens to be a super awesome spy kind of guy. He teaches her all the ropes of ‘secret agent work’ in time… and a few other things, too.

(Yes, this is my book… but, honestly, I really hope/think it’s a great one!)

Snatch an ebook copy of Cartoon at online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, Google Play, and Kobo. There’s even an audiobook version available for those who like to listen!

Anyway, self-promotion aside, teen spy books are, uh, awesome. Really. If you think so, too, let me know in the comments!


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