Personal updates: I graduated and broke my laptop!

Sooooooo… I don’t post many personal posts on here, but I’ve been up to a lot lately, so I feel like it’s time to share just a few of my recent ups and downs. Because… like, there’s a lot of ’em.

First thing’s first… I am an official college grad!

I finally made it.

I mean, I technically already was a college grad since I had picked up an Associate’s (2 year) degree on the way to my Bachelor’s, but this was my official finish line. And I actually wasn’t even going to share this news at all here or even on other social media… because, I don’t know, it’s just not my nature to share personal accomplishments like that; it makes me feel braggy or something.

But I figured, if I have any time to share a real accomplishment, it’s now. Because going on in school definitely was not easy for me, and I do deserve a huge pat on the back for making it through. Like a pat so big it makes you choke and cough, you know?

Anyway, second thing’s second… I also broke my laptop!

Apparently water and electronics are not meant to mix or something.

So, my best friend of five years finally kicked the bucket (of water) over, and now I’m one computer down in my life. Which sucks, seeing how I only had one computer to start with. You see, I was fresh out of finals and working on my MacBook (AKA my best friend that I spend over 10 hours a day with) when I reached to take a drink of an ice cold refreshment when… well, I knocked the drink over on the keyboard, and then water was just everywhere. And I panicked and tried to dry it all with a towel in 2.065 seconds and immediately attempted to turn the machine back on, which you’re not supposed to do… and, well, that did it in.

So, I’m writing on my BlackBerry this week. And everyone always makes fun of me for having a BlackBerry in the year 2021… but, hey, I’ve got a fully functional physical keyboard on this thing, so I can type just as fast as I would on a computer. Or about just as fast. So make fun all y’all want, but you won’t be laughing when you break your own computer and have no physical keyboard keys to touch when you want to write your blog posts! So, ha, there.

I already have a new MacBook on the way, though, and I was lucky enough to get all my data saved from my water accident. Really, I had all my data backed up on about a million different flashdrives, but rounding all that up on a new laptop would be annoying. And, actually, I’m not sure I actually had my latest audiobook data backed up just yet… so I guess I am super duper lucky, unlike Emma Lenford in the book I was in the process of recording, dubbed “What the Luck“…

That being thrown out there, I am still working on the audio of my next audiobook, though it’s obviously stalled for right now. Just so you know!

Besides all of that… I’ve just been traveling around a bit this month, and it’s been pretty relaxing. I mean, I’m not flying across the world, and I’m hardly even going cross-country; I’ve just been hanging with the fam in new and different places! And it’s nice little distractions from all the things that have been stressing me out lately, like the fact that I destroyed a very expensive (although old and pretty used up, in my defense) laptop.

Well, that concludes this post of personal updates. I know my life isn’t the most interesting story in the world… that’s why I write about made-up ones! However, it’s nice to share my “what’s up” every once in a while with all my homedogs… AKA you guys!

Let me know, as always, what you think/thought of these updates!


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