The Best Ways to Read This Fall!

Please note… this post contains highly cozy and autumn-appealing imagery that may make reading irresistible to some audiences.

Well, now that fall/autumn equinox has come and passed, the weather around here is starting to get cooler and the leaves are getting crunchier. And, even if you don’t live in an area that experiences this season full on, you can still certainly enjoy it by taking time to slow down your schedule and pencil in more cozy reading time!

Winter is actually my favorite season (unpopular opinion for sure, especially in a place that gets plenty of snow and below 0 temperatures almost every day in every January), but fall is enjoyable to me just as much. I kind of look at autumn as a transition period from the hot and sticky summers to cold and crispy winters, and I also see it as a great time to take my reading time from outside in the sun to inside by the fire.

And sometimes transitions are tricky, that’s for sure. For example, it’s not always easy when you switch from 80 degrees Fahrenheit on Monday afternoon to 40 or less on Tuesday morning, just like it’s not easy to switch from finishing one novel to starting a new one. And that’s why I wanted to share this fall-themed book inspiration post with y’all today… because, sometimes, we need to look ahead to better and cozier things during tough transitions!

So, whether you’re battling the change in outdoor temperature this fall or just looking for a way to kick start your next reading binge, I got you covered.

Look ahead to the best ways to get reading this fall!

Under a blanket with a flashlight!

With a slice of pie… or cheesecake

Or with some tea, maybe?

Next to a delicious-smelling candle!

Perhaps with a friend nearby?

Just Get Cozy.


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