Yes, youth of the world, rejoice! Kari Lynn M. is now (finally) on TikTok!

I’ve had people (mainly friends and, honestly, my own brain) bothering me for months about joining this new-ish social network. I kind of waited to really get involved, though, because… well, you know, social media apps and sites come and go pretty quickly, and I kind of thought this one wasn’t going to be around to stay. Seeing how it’s #1 on the Google Play charts right now and has been for a number of weeks, though… well, I was clearly wrong.

So, follow and connect with me on TikTok here, homedogs! I’m still pretty new, as you’ll probably see by my lack of videos and following, but I’m working on figuring this thing out! Expect a lot of #booktok videos from me as well as updates about my writing and artwork… and the occasional humorous clip because I just can’t resist.

In other news, I’m working on getting some more reading and writing-related blog posts up next month! And also… I’m still working endlessly on our hilarious Emma Lenford series.

Until next time… let me know if you’re on TikTok, too! (I will follow back if you tell me!)


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