SURPRISE: Emma Lenford book #3 has arrived!

Hah-did y’all think we were done with the Emma Lenford series or something? I mean, you obviously didn’t, right?

Because… SURPRISE! I have just dropped book 3 in the series without prior notice! A lot like, you know, how Drake drops albums these days, so I’m just taking notes from the goat. (I’m a huge fan, if you all didn’t already know.)

And… oh, here’s a cover reveal, by the way…

I suppose it’s a title reveal, too, huh?

Well, now, let’s hear a little about what Emma Lenford has caught herself in now…

“What would you do if you found a freshly deceased body in the middle of the woods during a routine community litter pick-up party? What about if your teacher crush-slash-field trip leader suddenly passed out at the wheel of a school bus while driving a herd of terribly unruly middle school students to an art museum for what should be a day of summer school enjoyment? 

Well, Emma Lenford knows exactly what to do in these dire situations. She has to do the good, righteous, moral thing… whatever that is. And, perhaps, if she does at least ten good, righteous, and moral things, then maybe her unlucky life will start to turn around. Because battling good against evil always works out in the favor of good, doesn’t it?”

Basically, instead of enjoying summer break like every other 17 year-old in the world would do, Emma is venturing into the world of volunteership and the performance of good deeds for others. Kindness abounds, you know, and she’s doing it all in the hopes that, by putting good vibes out, she can, somehow, get some good vibes back. You know, good vibes instead of the traumatic ones life keeps throwing at her.

So, it’s obviously been a while since I’ve dropped a new novel, so this is a big deal for me! I’m so excited, and relieved, honestly, to have it finally out. It took a long time to write!

Today is release day (on my eldest nephew’s birthday, no less!), so I don’t have a lot of links for y’all just yet. BUT… stay tuned, as another post containing those is coming very soon!

And, if you are totally new to the Emma Lenford series, click here and get an e-book/audiobook combo of the very first book in the series totally FREE!

Would you do what Emma Lenford would do?

–Kari 🎉

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