Get Your Book On with These Bookish Phone Wallpapers

Or… maybe phone backgrounds–however you want to look at it!

So, I recently spent some extra time at library because… well, they have better Wi-Fi that I could ever afford, let’s be honest, and looking around at all the book while I was working away on my laptop got me thinking… well, about books.

And so, dear friends, I took a quick 10-minute break from writing and working to do… well, a different kind of work, and three magical phone backgrounds emerged from it all. Yep, you heard it–I made these all myself! Using Canva, of course, because Canva is, again, let’s be honest, every online creator’s best friend in crime.

Check out these 3 phone backgrounds below that you can download for FREE–no strings attached! Just because I needed a break and remember that I haven’t done very many free printables on here in a while.

Enjoy, homedogs!


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