What Now, Emma Lenford?: An eBook by Kari Lynn M.

Waking up in a deserted Wisconsin woods surrounded by masked members of a family witch-gang at three a.m. on a school night? Check. Becoming captured by a deeply demented elder alongside the one member of society that you probably despise the most? Yep, check. My life hasn’t been this heart-stopping since I spotted Jon Bon Jovi’s tour bus at the local 7-Eleven.

Emma Lenford

What Now, Emma Lenford? is the first in a new young adult series centered around Emma Lenford, an unbelievably unlucky 17-year-old.

Written as a series of seriously ill-fated situations, Emma Lenford is like a sit-com that takes the death-defying to the level of detrimentally hilarious… no Netflix subscription required.

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