What Would Emma Lenford Do?: An eBook by Kari Lynn M.

That’s right, the next (3rd) book in the hilarious Emma Lenford series has arrived!

What would you do if you found a freshly deceased body in the middle of the woods during a routine community litter pick-up party? What about if your teacher crush-slash-field trip leader suddenly passed out at the wheel of a school bus while driving a herd of terribly unruly middle school students to an art museum for what should be a day of summer school enjoyment? 

Well, Emma Lenford knows exactly what to do in these dire situations. She has to do the good, righteous, moral thing… whatever that is. And, perhaps, if she does at least ten good, righteous, and moral things, then maybe her unlucky life will start to turn around. Because battling good against evil always works out in the favor of good, doesn’t it?


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And then, you know, you’ll have to stay tuned for the next book… coming soon!

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