Um… can dreams REALLY be signs?

Okay, here’s what’s up. 

I’ve always been a really heavy sleeper who has crazy dreams alllll the time, and I usually do remember most of them. Lately, though, I’ve been actually remembering EVERY dream I have, EVERY single night… for almost 2 whole months now. 

I know, that probably sounds crazy in just itself, but believe me. I’m not crazy… well, maybe a little, but I just remember all of my weird dreams, all the time. 

So, anyway, last night I had 2 dreams that I can recollect today. The first was something about my mom and I hosting a taco party at our house for the most random group of strangers I’ve ever seen, and they were pretty nice, until my mom lost the salsa jar, and then everyone turned pretty hostile. 

Don’t worry, though, that’s not the dream we’re analyzing today. 

Then, I had the 2nd dream of the night. This one isn’t as lose and fun (although being chased around by 6 ft strangers probably wasn’t that fun), and it was kind of one of those dreams where you have to make sure it didn’t really happen when you wake up. 

So, in this dream, I had to drive my car to the closest gas station to my house. Which, actually, isn’t really all that close. When I got there, though, I pulled up to the gas pump and got myself some gas, a pretty normal time, until I turn around and see half of my family piling into my vehicle. 

Of course, I was pretty confused. 

So, I asked my grandma, who was sitting in the driver’s seat all of a sudden, what was going on… and she just told me to get in the back. 

Now, to inform you on who all was in the car… my grandma was in the driver’s seat, my grandpa in the passanger’s, and my two sisters, mom, and oldest nephew were all squeezed into the back, along with two giant duffel bags. 

So, I tried to get in the back, too. And, even though I’m not a very big person, it obviously didn’t work. So, then, I got back out, left the back driver’s door open, walked back up to the driver’s window, and asked my grandma to just let me drive, because, after all, it was my car. Of course, though, my grandma wasn’t having that. 

And, you probably don’t know my grandmother in real life, but just know that this is something she probably actually would do.

So, again, I tried to get her to let me drive and… I guess, make her try to sit in the back. Or the trunk, the way she was acting. 

Now, though, she started pulling away from the gas pump and the back door bounced shut. She yelled something at me, like, ‘too bad for you!’, and I followed the car up to the edge of the road. 

And then she sped away in an angry rage. 

Which really sucked, because both my phone and money was still in the car. 

So, after that, I decided to start walking home… because I had no other way to get there. And, like I said before, it was not a short path. I decided, then, to ‘take a short cut’ through the woods (and, yeah, my house is sort of surrounded by  forests and corn fields). Halfway through the woods, though… I got eaten by a wolf.

Haha, just kidding. 

Halfway through, though, I actually came up to a hospital. Whatever a hospital was doing in the middle of the forest, I have no clue, but I decided to go in it and use it as a short cut home, too. 

I walked pretty far into it and somehow ended up in the ER… and then a nurse stopped me, right in the middle of the hallway. 

She asked me, ‘Are you Kari?’ 

And I was like… well, yeah. 

And then she said something like, ‘We’ve been trying to get a hold of you; your family’s been in a car accident. Not all of them survived… only two of them did.’ 

And, of course, I flipped out. I asked her who survived, she said she didn’t know, and then I asked if my nephew was one of them, and she said yeah, but she wouldn’t tell me who the other one was. 

And, um… then my dream kind of ended. 

Cliff hanger, I know. I’m a little mad about it, too. 

But, to summarize, I got in an arguement with my crazy grandma, and then she drove away with a car full of my family, got in a wreck, probably from anger somehow, and killed pretty much everyone. 

When I woke up and got to thinking about this dream, though, I couldn’t help but wonder… is there a lesson to be learned from this? 

I know, you might just be saying ‘it’s just  dream, Kari, chill out…’, and I never really analyze my dreams, either, but I guess I’m just more in the mood to think about it, this time.

So, could this be a sign for something? Like… don’t fight with your elders, or else they might kill everyone in your family… or, more generally, don’t fight without making up, because you never know if you’ll get another chance to apologize?

I feel like that last thing could really mean something right now… but, who knows. 

Let me know what you think! 

Also… I have a feeling we may have more dream discussions in the future, so I’ll make a tag just for that, right now! 

Tell me your thoughts and, if you want, tell me what kind of dreams you’ve been having lately, too! 


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