First ‘so, one time…’ story!

Alright, so here’s an old story from my childhood that randomly popped into my head today.

So, one time, when I was about 8 or 9 years old, my dad came to the conclusion that I had too many toys that I didn’t play with anymore. That was probably true and… actually, no, that was true. So, anyway, he pretty much told me that I needed to get rid of 40% of the stuff I had in order to ever get anything new ever again (He’s tried this one on my mom’s shoe collection about a billion times before, although it never really worked on her…).

To continue, though, my dad ended up helping me oraganize a small yard sale to both get rid of all the junk I had and make some money of my own to spend on new junk in the future. So, on one day of the sale (it only lasted 2 or 3, I think), there was a middle-aged woman generously gathering a hefty amount of items into quite a few plastic bags. My dad had pretty much left me in charge of the whole yard sale most of the time so, when this lady was finally done accumulating a haulaway of my used toys, she came to where I was quietly sitting, at a card table with a calculator and a smile (I probably wasn’t really smiling; I was probably really bored, but we can pretend I actually was, okay?). The woman threw all of the stuff she had gathered onto the table and I, as trained to, began to check the homemade pricetag on each item and enter the total of all the prices into my calculator.

Let me tell you, though, it was no fast task going through the amount of junk she was buying.

So, after not even a whole minute or two, she stopped me. And then she said something (as I remember the most vividly of all of these details) along the lines of, ‘Here. Why don’t I just give you 20 bucks for all of this, and then I can get going.’

Now, side note… each of the small things she was buying (like stuffed animals or books or stuff like that) was priced around 1 or 2 dollars which, yeah, isn’t much. However, some things she was getting were much bigger and costed more like 5-9 dollars… and, in total, I can tell you she was buying a lot more than just 20 little toys.

So, anyway, what did I do?

I was 9, what do you think I did? She ended up whipping out a 20 dollar bill and waving it around in my face. Of course I took it and let her go off with her bundle of new treasures.

It took me until just today, though, to realize that I was majorly deceived and ripped off by that woman.

Now, I know that probably wasn’t the most exciting story in the universe… but, for a second, it almost felt like it was going to be, didn’t it?

And that’s why I love this blog already!

Now, I’ll be looking out for that lady…

And I’ll let you know when I find her and get my money back.


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