Olive Penderghast.

Okay, so today I rewatched one of my all time favorite movies… Easy A! And I couldn’t think of anything better to blog about today than this particular movie… so, let’s get to it!

Easy A, for those of you who are crazy and have yet to watch it, is a movie about a high school girl who accidentally becomes known as the “school slut” after lying to her friend about losing her virginity. Overall, even though some parts of the storyline are a little over-exaggerated conpared to how they would happen in real life, I think this is an awesome movie and I would recommend to absolutely everybody, even if high school drama movies aren’t usually your thing.

Anyway, today I wanted to focus mainly on what really makes this story work: the characters. Specifically, the one that made me first fall in love with Emma Stone as an actress… Olive Penderghast.

Pretty much everytime I write teen fiction (which is about 80% of the time) and I need inspiration for a new character, I look to this movie, and I look to Olive. I love how she’s both funny and relatable without being… too funny and relatable. It’s all balanced out close to perfectly, and she still has a personality of her own.

So… since I couldn’t really think of much else to say about just Olive Penderghast’s personality… I decided I’d just talk about some scenes from the movie that really showcased it for me!

So, in no particular order other than the one that I remembered them in… here’s the list of scenes that made me love Olive’s character!

1. When Olive said, “People thought I was a dirty skank? Fine. I’d be the dirtiest skank they’ve ever seen.” You go, girl!

2. When Olive sang ‘I gotta a pocket, gotta pocket full of sunshine’ all weekend long, including Sunday afternoon in the shower.

3. The way Olive’s character talks, especially when she’s adressing her webcam.

4. My personal favorite scene of the whole movie, when Olive and Brandon jump on Melody Bostic’s bed, screaming, so everyone listening outside the bedroom doors thinks they’re having sex.

5. And when Olive finally gets her wish, to have her own 80s style musical number.

And… that’s it for now! I just love this movie… and if you’re still not sold on Olive Penderghast’s character quite yet, go check out the film for yourself!

If you have seen the movie and love it as much as I do… let me know!


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