Let’s play a game.

No, not that kind of game… (if you’re like me and your mind automatically goes to Saw when someone says that, haha.)

I’m bored today and don’t feel like writing a 20 page blog post, so let’s just play a classic drinking game… minus the drinking! Unless you want to join in and take some shots, go on ahead, I don’t really care.

So, let’s play… never have I ever!

I was thinking, though, first, I’ll make up some never have I ever questions of my own related to writing! And then, after I run out of those… we’ll use Google for the rest, haha.

Anyway, let’s get started!

Questions will be in bold, my answers will be in italics. Keep your own answers to your favorite questions in mind and add them to the comments afterwards!

Writing question #1: (As a flashback to my googling post a while ago) Never have I ever googled how much I can harm a character, in whatever way, without him or her dying. Guilty as charged, or else I wouldn’t have been so specific, haha.

2. Never have I ever… had writer’s block. Guilty, again, as I assume a lot of people will be for this one, haha. 

3. Never have I ever posted my writing someplace online (blog, wattpad, etc.) without reading or proofreading it first. I had to think about this one… but I’m sure I have; it’s just been a while since. I’m too picky not to proofread something a million times before posting it anymore. 

4. Never have I ever stayed up past 3 in the morning just to write. This one is me pretty much every other night, haha. 

5. Never have I ever wrote an excessive amount during a vacation (not like on labor day or a weekend at home… a real travel vacation!). This one is actually a no for me… I don’t travel much, anyway, but, when I do, I always leave my laptop at home. 

6. Never have I ever avoided killing off a character even though I knew I should have. Not from me! I am proud to say that even after hours of planning a way around killing my favorite character in the last book I wrote… I ended up scrapping all of it and went back to my original plan of murder. Oh, wait… semi spoiler alert if you haven’t read my latest book and plan to… oops!

7. Never have I ever daydreamed about the next scene I have to write during work/ school. I do it every day. 

8. Never have I ever stolen an idea from someone else’s book/movie/play/poem/ect. Um… maybe…

9. Never have I ever… pretended that my characters were real people. Yes… haven’t we all, though?

10. And… never have I ever thrown my laptop/ notebook in frustration while writing. Oh, yeah… a few too many times. 

Okay, now, let’s just do some fun freebies from Google! (And, FYI, we’re keeping it clean!)

11. Never have I ever cheated on a test or exam. Haha… yes.

12. Never have I ever wet my pants in public. Yes… but I was a little kid then!

13. Never have I ever been in handcuffs. Never… yet.

14. Never have I ever eaten snails. Ick… never!

15. Never have I ever made a prank phone call. Oh, God… yes, at about every Saturday night slumber party in 7th grade. 

16. Never have I ever taken food out of a trash can and eaten it. Yes… but I take it after my mom! She told me when I was little that it’s okay to have food after you accidentally throw it away, as long as it didn’t touch anything else while it was in the can. It makes sense, I think. 

17. Never have I ever been skydiving. Not yet! I really want to, though… and I came really close to doing ‘indoor skydiving’ one time, but I didn’t do that, either. It’s on my bucket list, now. 

18. Never have I ever peed in the shower. …Yes.

19. Never have I ever gotten carded (for anything). Oh, God, yes- for rated R movies. Every. Time. I have a major baby face or something, I don’t know. Again, I’m not telling y’all my age or anything… but I will tell you I’ve been old enough to watch rated R movies for a while now. 

20. Never have I ever re-gifted something that I received. Now, come on… hasn’t everybody?

21. Never have I ever shared a sucker with my dog. Haha… again, I did it all the time when I was a kid

22. Never have I ever owned a hamster. Awe, but no…

23. Never have I ever ridden in a limo. Nope.

24. Never have I ever had a surprise party thrown for me. Never.

25. Never have I ever gotten a tattoo. No…-t yet!

26. Never have I ever had a paranormal experience. Yes, I have! A few times… but those are stories for another time. 

27. Never have I ever broken a bone. Not once!

28. Never have I ever driven a stick shift. No… although, my brother was going to teach me one time. Oh, well.

29. Never have I ever experienced an earthquake. Actually, yes! One time, back in high school, I was taking the SAT early on a Saturday morning at my school, and then, in the middle of the test, the room started shaking a little and I looked around and got really confused by it. It didn’t last any more than about 15 seconds, though, so I brushed it off and took the rest of the test like nothing happened. Afterwards, though, I found out that some Earthquake had happened over a hundred miles away at the same time that had happened, so I’m going to assume that what I felt was really an earthquake.

And… one more.

30. Never have I ever been on a train. Yes, I have! It was only for a few hours, but there was dinner on it and all of the train cars were double-deckers and it was amazing! I wanna go on one again now, haha. 

Okay, that’s all for today! I hope everyone enjoyed this fun little post and be sure to share some of your answered with me in the comments!

Now, never have I ever… written a blog post about the game ‘never have I ever’… check!


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