So, one time… I accidentally made this girl cry…

It’s not the only time it’s happened, either… well, actually, this specific time wasn’t exactly an accident…

Okay, let me explain.

This is another story from my grand childhood (surprise, right?) that I just adore blogging about all the time.

Anyway, this happened circa 8 years old or so… and, anyway, I used to go to my great aunt’s house after school or on days in the summer a lot when both of my parents were working and I needed a babysitter. My aunt would babysit for a lot of kids from my school, though, so it was never just me there. It sounds kind of weird now, though… but, honestly, it was always a lot of fun, especially when there would be a lot of us there at once. And, a lot of times in the summer, my aunt would take us to the pool at my other aunt’s house… or the park, which just so happens to be where this story takes place.

Okay, so, on this bright and sunny summer day, it was actually just me and one other girl at my aunt’s house. To tell you about this girl, though… okay, she just, like, whined and cried a lot. There were a lot of other things about her that made her really annoying a lot of the time but, for now, that’s the only aspect of her personality that really matters. She was also 2 years younger than me, too, so… just keep that in mind, I guess.

Anyway, it was a nice day and my aunt decided to take the two of us to the park because we had an afternoon to waste and she wanted to take a nap without us bugging her for being bored. Well, the other girl, not really me. So, we went to this park nearby that was pretty new at the time, and it had a huge playground on it. Really, though, huge.

So we get there and it was a day that me and that one girl (let’s give her a name… hayley?) were actually getting along and she wasn’t whining about something. Well, not yet, at least…

So we were playing on the playground and there was literally nobody else on the half that we were playing on. Until this other girl and her, I assume, younger brother came right next to where we were. And, to explain, there were these three red spinny chair things there… and Hayley and I were spinning each other in the farthest one of all of them. So, this girl comes over and her and her brother take the other two, and we don’t care about it. After a few minutes, though, we get tired of spinning and decide to go do something else.

And then, literally as soon as we stand up, that other chick jumps up, comes over, and plops down in the chair we were just using.

We just kind of looked back at her for a split second, and then just walked away, not really caring because… well, we were done with it anyway. After that, then, we went over to this small playset and climbed up and into it. There was this, like, big rack thing next to the slides that had these plastic rolling circles eith Xs and Os on them… I don’t really know how to explain it, but it was just a big tic tac toe board. And so we started playing tic tac toe with it. Until… that one girl and her brother came up behind us and… just kind of stood there.

We looked over at them for a moment, and then finished our game and just moved on. Of course, then, they jumped in and started playing with the board the second we stepped away.

After that, though, we decided to slide down the slides. And then we came back onto the playset… and then we went down the slides again… and then that one chick slid right after us.

And then I started to get annoyed.

So, I decided to take a short break and go get a drink, and Hayley decided to just wait for me on the playground. I went and got my drink and everything then, but, when I came back, Hayley ran up to me, crying.

I mean, she cried all the time, so I wasn’t surprised or anything, but I still asked her what was wrong. And then she told me, ‘I-I went to play with t-the sand cars and that m-mean girl pushed me away from it and s-said, ‘we were here first’ and, a-and…’ and then I stopped her.

‘Stop crying,’ I said. ‘And come with me.’ 

I grabbed her arm, spun her around, and marched off towards wherever the sand car things were… which was actually underneath the slides from earlier. Anyway, once we got there, I let go of Hayley, and pushed myself right in front of that rude chick and her little brother. I put my hands on my hips, looked her dead in the eye, and said to her exactly this: ‘You don’t own this playground.’

And then I prepared to go on and snap my fingers in a z formation or something and tell her to leave us alone and get off our backs but, before I could, she burst into tears.

Like… that fast.

And then she turned around, grabbed her brother’s hand, and took off across the playground without another word.

And she didn’t bother us again.

So, then, I looked back at Hayley and we actually laughed. And I have no regrets about that day, nor will I probably ever.

So, take what you will from this cute little story from my childhood… but I’d like to think that there’s a lesson to be learned from it.

One: If someone in life pushes you or friend around… push them back; they deserve it.

Two: If you’re a rude little girl on a playground that annoys other park-goers… then you’ll get what’s coming to you.

And that’s the ‘so, one time…’ story of the day!


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