So I wrote another lil’ poem

Because who knows why.

Here it is, though, and I’ll tell you the title afterwards… because I want you to try to guess what it’s about by the end!

Up for the challenge? Here goes…

He’s always hiding in the corner

Probably hoping I won’t remember

He won’t come out when I’m at rest

Because that’s when I’m thinking less

He only tries when I’m awake,

But never in the light of day,

To tell me what he has to say

He’s just a shadow on the wall

But he hovers there all night long

Rarely does he make a sound

But when he does, it’s very loud

He begs for my attention,

Pushing until he gets it,

And then leaves it in suspension

One time I tried to speak with him

But he didn’t want to listen

I asked him why he wouldn’t leave

And then, suddenly, he touched me

And he whispered:

I live here, too, you know

You think you’re the only one 

To call this place your home 

But I’ve been here long before you

And now I think you know the truth

You will never be alone 

Because you live with a ghost

The end!

Eek… so, I guess I kind of gave away what it was really about in the last line… so, anyway, it’s called ‘My Ghost’.

What kind of ghost, though??? Interpret it however you want because I honestly don’t even know.

Ooo… spooky…

Until my next poem, though… which may not be for a while, who knows, because poetry isn’t usually my go-to. Lately, though, I’ve been getting into it a lot more… so maybe you’ll even get a fresh one to read by next week again!

Have any ghosts been haunting your poetry???

-iKari 👻

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