My dumb complaint letter

Alright, so here’s what’s up.

…And that’s exactly how I started my “strongly worded” email to Build a Bear Workshop online today.

You see, writing skills can apply to ‘real world’ situations like this.

So, anyway, here’s what happened.

I got a gift card to Build a Bear for Christmas last year (because I am a stuffed animal enthusiast and I love going there), but the closest store to me isn’t really that close and I got tired of waiting to go to it about a month ago, so I just ordered myself some stuff online. And I picked out this adorable little bunny and a Green Bay Packers sweatshirt for it (because, as you will be informed when football season rolls back around, I’m a huge Pack fan). And, when I went to the online check out,  I was given the option to either order a stuffed bunny or an unstuffed one. Both options costed the same amount, so I assumed if I picked unstuffed, then they would send me stuffing with it, just on the side or something.
Ugh, I was wrong.

They sent me the shell of the rabbit and no stuffing with it. And, to make it even better, they included a note that said there was a little red heart already put inside the bunny for me… but I double checked it, and there was no heart anywhere to be seen.

So, for about a month or however long it’s been now, there’s been a lifeless, stuffless, heartless rabbit carcass just hanging around on my desk.

I really wanted to include that statement in my complaint letter, but I didn’t.

But I did, however, tell ’em how it is. Or, at least… I think I did…

Anyway, y’all are probably tapping your foot, waiting to see if you’ll actually get to read what I actually wrote in my actual message.

Well, tough luck, because you ain’t gonna get to.

…Just kidding.

I saved a copy of the message just to share it here. So… here it is. I hope you enjoy it! (Haha…)

Alright, so here’s what’s up.

I got a Build a Bear gift card for Christmas, and I decided to use it about a month ago to buy myself my own birthday present, because I knew no one was going to get me anything (which is what actually what happened, too, but that’s not the point), and I ordered a cute little bunny and a shirt for it online. When I ordered it, though, I picked the ‘unstuffed’ option… because I wanted to stuff it myself. I assumed, then, because the price of an unstuffed animal and a stuffed animal was the same, that the unstuffed animal would come in the mail WITH stuffing on the side, in a bag or something. But, it didn’t. Only now did I go back and read into the unstuffed option and saw that now, apparently, I’m supposed to take my animal into a store and get it stuffed there. Well, that’s not going to happen, because the closest store to me in over 50 miles away and I don’t have time to go all the way there and back; that’s why I ordered the bear online to begin with.

Secondly, when I received my order, there was a note with it that said a little heart was already put inside the bear for me. Well, I checked, and there was no heart to be found. That was pretty disappointing, too.

So, now I’m stuck with a stuffless, heartless bunny animal. And… well, what do I do now?

Also, I apologize for not sending this message sooner, but I’ve had a rough and busy month. I also apologize if that shows through my writing, but I just want to be honest and upfront.

Any response or help of any kind would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for taking time to read my message.


It probably wasn’t as great as I was making it up to be. Oh well, though… maybe I’ll still get some free junk out of it. Fingers crossed!

I’ll keep y’all updated!

What complaint letters have you sent out recently? 

-iKari 🐰

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