“I’m a writer, I guess.”

Oh, let’s talk about a scene from my all time favorite film today. 

…Breakfast at Tiffany’s! 

Now, I have a lesson for all the writers today. It’s one I’ve heard myself over and over again from a million different sources, but I want to take it and retell it in my own way (isn’t that how all writing works in a way, too?). 

So, there’s a certain scene in the beginning of Breakfast at Tiffany’s that teaches the audience what Paul Varjak’s occupation is. 

Spoiler alert: he’s a writer. 

Paul Varjak: It’s okay. Stick around. Make yourself a drink. Throw me my robe. I’ll make you one.

Holly Golightly: You stay right where you are. You must be absolutely exhausted. I mean, it’s very late, and you were sound asleep and everything. I suppose you think I’m very brazen or tres fou or something.
Paul Varjak: You’re no fouer than anybody else.

Holly Golightly: Yes, you do. Everybody does. And I don’t mind. It’s useful being top banana in the shock department. What do you do, anyway?

Paul Varjak: I’m a writer, I guess.

Holly Golightly: You guess? Don’t you know?

Paul Varjak: Okay, positive statement. Ringing affirmative. I’m a writer.

Ah, there it is. 

I think you can probably already guess where I’m going with this. 

As Miss Holly Golightly points out, if you write, then you’re a writer; if you’re a writer, then say you’re a writer! Have confidence in yourself! Brag… just a little! 

I’ve learned from experience that the more you believe in yourself as a writer, the more you’ll succeed as a writer. 

So… believe in yourself as a writer! 

Think about it… when you have the confidence that you can write and you can write well… then it’s so much easier to do it! You’ll also gain the confidence to face anyone who criticizes your work… because if you know you can write, then you don’t have to care about what anyone else has to say about it. You do you; you be you. 

I feel like this was a short blog post today… but, there’s not really much else to say! 

I hope I gave you a good confidence boost for the day!

So, take Holly’s word, and if you’re gonna be a writer, then be a writer! 


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