10 Writer-Relatable Jane the Virgin Moments 

Hey, y’all! I’ve got a list for you today… 
And it’s centered around one of my favorite TV shows… Jane the Virgin! 

I’ve always found Jane Villanueva to be a very relatable character in many aspects… but, one in particular that continuously stands out to me, has to be her author side. And, to help me elaborate on why… here’s the top 10 moments from the show that I felt were very relatable for all authors and writers! 

1. Sometimes you give yourself crazy and slightly unreasonable deadlines because… well, you just want your book to be done already. Like… 10 full pages a day? Sure, why not? 

2. You have to constantly put yourself in your characters’ shoes to figure out how they should act in your writing. And, sometimes, how you should act in real life, too.

3. And if you’re helping out a fellow writer, you know they’re definitely going to benefit from both positive and negative feedback… right?

4. You would do absolutely anything to have your favorite author read your work. 

5. …but you still get pretty pissed off when she steals your novel idea and rehearse the perfect way to tell her off for doing it… even though you never actually get the chance to do it (because Petra’s water just had to break just then).

6. Choosing to go to grad school is a big deal for anybody… but going to grad school for writing? That’s an even bigger deal, because now you’re committed to turning a passion into a full-on career choice. 

7. Whenever the inspiration comes and flows, so goes the orange juice all over your computer keyboard. 

8. No matter how good your writing is, someone (your editor or otherwise) will always want you to change something or add more

9. You have to do anything and everything to sell your work, even if it means discussing the last thing you want to talk about… such as your late husband’s death. 

10. Inspiration can hit at any time, even when you’re just trying to pump and dump. 

…And that’s my list! 

Let me know if you’re a huge Jane fan, too, and/or if you found any of my points the most relatable thing you’ve ever read. 


Jane the Virgin will be on tonight at 9pm EST on The CW. 

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