What defines something as a ‘real problem’?

If you can’t guess it already, I watched Sex and the City again today… so, now my next 24 hours are going to be in Carrie Bradshaw mindset. 

Anyway, I got to thinking… and this question just randomly came to me. 

What defines something as a ‘real problem’? 

Okay… have you ever tried to vent to someone, whoever it may be, about a problem that you’re having that, I guess you could say, seems insignificant in the ‘big picture of things’? And then the person you’re talking to stops you, rolls his/her eyes, and says, ‘Oh, please. Some of us have real problems to worry about.’ 

But then… what is a real problem, exactly? 

Like… going through a divorce? That’s a ‘real problem’. Struggling to find a new job? That’s a ‘real problem’. You forgot to pay your internet bill and now you’ve had your WiFi turned off? Well… 

I think everyone has a different view on what a ‘real problem’ vs. a… not so real one is. It’s all based on how we were raised, what kind of lifestyle we have, what our values are… ect, ect, ect. And we all know that we all have these differences. If that really is the case, though… then why do we have such a tendancy to downsize some of other people’s problems and constantly compare them to our own? 

Now, I don’t really know the answer to those questions, so I’m not going to pretend like I do… but, if I had to give an answer, I’d say it’s… human nature, maybe? It’s in everybody’s DNA? Maybe… it’s a competitive-feeling kind of thing? 

I honestly don’t know. 

What I do know, though… is that whatever the trigger to compare problems is, we all have it. That doesn’t mean, though, that we all act on it. 

Yes, I admit I’ve done the whole ‘well, try doing this and that when x and y are happening at the same time’ to other people before. And I’m sure I’m not the only one. But… I really try not to do it, because… well, a problem is a problem, no matter how big or small. And everyone has them, and everyone’s problems definitely feel real to him/herself. 

So… what’s a real problem, again? 

Everything, pretty much. Everyone has their own real problems and we all deal with them ourselves, in our own way. And we all view certain problems differently. 

It’s all just something to think about… 

But remember, though, just because you think someone’s problems aren’t real, doesn’t mean they aren’t… well, real. 

So… what do you think defines a ‘real problem’?


3 thoughts on “What defines something as a ‘real problem’?

  1. I agree with your view that every problem is a ‘real’ problem (is there a fake one?); just because Person A has a problem with more negative impact than Person B doesn’t mean that Person B’s problem isn’t real. What I think is that many people tend to compare themselves to others, like whether they make more money / have a better life / have more problems than the next person, because they tend to look for happiness outside of themselves.

    If others are more successful than them, they might feel their success is threatened and say something to put down the others. If others have more problems than them, they might feel that attention is being stolen from them, then they try to one-up with “try having a ‘real’ problem” or “you think that’s bad? Listen to this.”

    My 2 cents. 🙂

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