Some random words I randomly wrote in my notes

Try saying that 5 times fast.

Okay, so… I got a ping of inspiration last night, and I grabbed my phone and started to furiously type in my notepad. Well, maybe not furiously… because it took some time and thought, but you get the picture.

Now, I guess I first intended for what I wrote to become song lyrics… but then I didn’t feel like writing a chorus and I knew I wasn’t probably ever going to put the words to a song/melody (because I rarely do), so I kind of turned it more into a poetic kind of format. Yeah, I broke my own poem/lyric rules for once. It’s not done, though… so I could still turn it into a poem or into a song based on how I feel later, but… who knows when or if I’ll actually get around to finishing it, or even to the point where I can change its format like that.

Anyway, though, enough backstory. These are just some random words I randomly wrote on a random night. So… here they are.

You always think there’s a tomorrow
But that tomorrow always becomes a yesterday
And they all turn into long ago
And they all begin to fade away

You think a lot about your thoughts
And of all the things you could choose to see
You stare directly at the clock
Waiting for the time that will never be

There’s something you’d like to say
But with it you know there’s a price to pay
So instead you stop yourself to buy
The advice someone else said, and a half a dozen lies

And I know it’s not a perfect poem or song or anything… it’s just some unedited ideas I scribbled down. I wanted to share them here, though, because… well, I liked they sounded and thought might as well, because I probably won’t ever do anything else with them in the future. Maybe I will, though… and, if I do, I’ll be sure to let y’all know!

Until I do, though…


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