A five word story…???

Here’s something to think about.

I came up with a random five word story in my head this morning. And then I came up with another one.

But… they’re both the same.

Okay, let me just tell them, so you get what I’m saying.

Story number one…

“One last time!” he cried.

And bachelor number two…

One last time, he cried.

Like, whoa. Crazy how much a little punctuation can do, right?

And if you’ve seen a story like either of those before… I  swear I didn’t steal them;  I just came up with them by random, on my own.

So, that was a short, random post… I just thought it was kind of different. And kind of fun, am I right?

Until my next random five word stories, I suppose.


2 thoughts on “A five word story…???

  1. Wow, same words but what a difference a little punctuation change does! The first is like something yelled at a sports field, while the second is like something said towards the end of a broken marriage. Awesome. 😀

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