There’s a difference between…

Make this one of my top quotes if I miraculously become famous one day. (A gal can dream, right?)

There is a difference between making a mistake and giving in to fate.

Now, I’m not saying that all of our lives are run purely by destiny and we have no free will or say in anything… because we very much do, but what I’m trying to say is… sometimes, we just need to take a break, sit back, and let things run its course without trying to control absolutely everything as it happens. And the mistake part is referring to… well, it might feel wrong or maybe even like you’re committing a crime or something by not doing anything, but that doesn’t mean you’re making a huge mistake or anything. It kind of just means you’re human.

Which, last time I checked, is completely okay.

And it also might seem like you’re making a mistake because other people are looking at you from the outside saying, “Um, what are you doing? Aren’t you going to, like, do something about this?” They’re going to challenge you. That can make it even harder to commit to… ‘fate’, but, again, it does not mean you’re doing the wrong thing.

But… how do you know you’re making the right decision?

You don’t. You won’t. Here, I’ll even quote my own (favorite) character from my own book.

“…you never know. You may know what you think, and you may think you know, but you never know.”

-Ace (Cartoon)

Bringing that quote back to life just gave me a little nostalgia…

Anyway, though, you’re never going to know. It’s just kind of one of those choices you have to make on a whim, not by feeling or maybe even intuition.

I do have some advice to help guide you, though.

For one, if taking the back seat to destiny sounds like the thing to do or actually feels right to you (which it most likely won’t), then… by golly, DO IT.

Or, if that doesn’t exactly appeal to you, but you’ve already tried at least three different options in your situation and fell out with no success to each and every one… then I would suggest to at least maybe try taking the back seat in your case.

And, if you’re like ‘um… none of the above, please’, then here’s a more practical choice. Sit down, turn off all distractions (I know it’s hard, I feel ‘ya), and make a pros and cons list. Don’t even think or try to consider each one just yet, but write down absolutely every one that comes to mind… until there’s no more left. And then, of course, review your options and make your decision for yourself.

If you’ve come this far in this post and you’re thinking, ‘honestly, Kari, what are you even talking about?’, then I’m guessing none of this really applies to you right now. It’s kind of just thoughts to give to people who… have those real BIG decisions to make. Life changing, even. And, although you won’t necessarily know what choice to make… you’ll still probably know when it’s gonna be a game changer, am I right?

So… take my advice if you like it (remember: you do you) or don’t… but know that it is safe to take and I actually know what I’m writing about this time (only ~35% of my blogging is over things I actually know; the rest is me rambling on and pretending like I do know something when in reality… I don’t). I’m bringing this to the table completely from my own experiences. So, you can trust me on this. More than likely, this blog probably wouldn’t exist if I’d hadn’t taken my own advice on this.

In the end, though, just remember…

“There’s a different between making a mistake and giving in to fate.”


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