Google KNOWS me!!!



This might sound like a dumb little thing or something, but… I don’t care; I’m pumped!

Okay, so here’s what’s up. The moment I’ve been waiting for, the one that makes me (although unofficially) one step closer to being a slightly well known author… has happened. 

My pen name (and pretty much real name- not fooling anybody here) is Kari Lynn M. Well, go on ahead for yourself and just start typing that into Google. Not Yahoo or Bing, those don’t do the thing (boo), but just enter ‘kari lynn’ on Google, and here’s the magical thing that happens.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 3.38.00 PM


(And, no, it’s not just on my computer because I may or may not have searched myself a billion times already… because my search history has been cleared since the last time!)

Now, I know I’m not the top search option or anything… but, whatever, I’m actually on the list!

Again, YAY!

And I’m not sure how Google suggestions work and what all factors are involved with their searches and such… but, I’m pretty sure that it takes more than just one person looking up a search time so many times to make it become a suggestion. Or maybe it’s the number of websites that appear for the term… which would have to be quite a few, too. Either way, I have feeling other people, whether a lot or maybe not, are searching my name on Google and/or my name has appeared on a lot of websites somehow. Which is just… ahhh!!!

That’s all I have for today, though. Next time maybe I’ll be be freaking out over a Wikipedia page being created about me (yeah, right… but, you know, I can still dream).

Anyway, just wanted to share this little exciting news with all y’all on this wonderful afternoon!

Just making a name for myself… literally, haha.


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