Blackout Poetry?!?!

ALRIGHT SO, I must have been kept in the dark or something (haha) because I had never heard of this before… until now.

Blackout poetry.


“The light of the universe” by Austin Kleon, original writer credited for creating this idea.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 11.47.03 AM

“13” by Natalie via The New York Times

A… trend, I guess you could call it, where you literally just rip a page out of a newspaper or magazine, sharpie out everything but a select few words/sentences… and BAM. You just created a beautiful little poem out of someone else’s words with your brilliance and creative mind.

And it gets even better. For those who have the gift of art in the form of drawing or painting right at their fingertips, blackout poetry becomes a real game changer, and you can really create a magical piece in a little more than an instant.

Just check out these astonishing artworks I stumbled across on Pinterest.


Unknown artist/writer

6de62791790af6363f8686c43f337c4fUnknown artist/writer


Austin Kleon 


“Let it Linger” by Make Blackout Poetry


“THE RAIN” by Stacia Leigh

So, as you all can probably tell, I’m pretty enthralled by blackout poetry right now. Honestly, I’m just itching to get my hands on yesterday’s newspaper so I can rip it up and make my own.

Also… if and when I do attempt to create by own blackout poetry, I’ll be sure to come back here with an update and give y’all a good look at my work.

So, let me know what you think of blackout poetry in general and/or which of the samples I’ve shown you you’re fascinated with, too!

Until Blackout Poetry?!?! Part 2, though… 


3 thoughts on “Blackout Poetry?!?!

  1. Interesting way of writing poetry! It reminds me of some emotional moments in Japanese comics (manga), like those single page crying scenes with just a few words (which may or may not rhyme). Those pictures you shared are pretty and full of emotion. 😀

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