My fave summer thing

Going for a dip in the pool?

Ick, no, I hate swimming.

Laying out in the sun on the beach? 

No, thanks, I’m not one to enjoy skin cancer.

Riding a bike?

Please, no, that never ends well for me.

Picnics? BBQs?

Eh… too many bugs.

Alright, Kari, for real… what is it, then?

Don’t worry, I’ll tell ya.



Well… to an extent. I don’t own a nice convertible or anything, but still.

Driving down the backroads (though pretty much all roads around here are backroads…) with the windows down and the music up… as long as it’s not too hot outside, feels pretty perfect to me. Especially when you just get to get out for the heck of it with no destination in mind and you can go wherever you want for as long as you want… mmm, yes, please.


Going fast to feel the wind in your hair (and, if it’s long like mine, then the wind in your ponytail…), taking the road less traveled for the scenery, putting your favorite old CD (or radio station… or phone playlist if you’re that fancy, haha) on so you can jam out and not have a care in the world to give…

Ah, summer driving, that’s the best.

Even with a scrap metal car like mine, I just gotta love it.

Feel free to challenge me on this, though, because… maybe you don’t like driving, or maybe you live in the city where traffic is a whole different thing, or maybe you just have some better fave in mind. So… tell me what your fave summer thing is!

I’m going out for a drive now; talk to y’all later!


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