Someone in the world is thinking about you right now…

Well, could be thinking about you right now.

…Now, think about this.

Popular, mainstream music. Even if you’re not into it, it’s hard to avoid hearing popular songs on the radio or in a store or on TV or… anywhere. And so, think about how many other people could be hearing that exact same song that you’re listening to at the exact same time. Probably a lot.  And, whether the artist of these popular songs realize it or not, at any given moment, there are so many people that could be listening to their voice/music.

And then, in turn, of course, people are technically thinking about that specific artist as they listen to their work. Maybe subconsciously and not actively… but still.

Like, right now, I’m thinking about Ed Sheeran. Sing it, homeboy!

Now, I used that as an example, but today I’m focusing on applying the whole idea to my fellow writers.

So… who all here has posted any of their written work anywhere? Either on websites (Wattpad!), online through ebook retailers, or even published anything through magazines, newspapers, or physical books (and you go, homedogs!)… somebody, somewhere in this world could be reading your work right at this moment.

And they’re thinking about you!

It’s crazy to think about, really… and, most of the time, you don’t even think about it!

Like, right now, you are reading this blog post that I’ve written, and I’m probably off doing the dishes, baking cookies, eating mashed potatoes, taking a nap, in my car listening to Ed Sheeran… or something else, not even thinking about you subconsciously thinking about me. And we could even live in different countries, on opposite sides of the world, thanks to the internet.

So… did I just blow your mind?

Hopefully, but maybe not. Still, though, I think it’s crazy…

And that’s all I had to say today! So… have an awesome week, everyone, and I’ll be back with another (hopefully) mind-blowing post in a few days!


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