Battle Scars.

Hey homedogs, it’s me back with yet another wonderful poem preview. This one I particularly like, too, because… well, I just do.

Anyway, I’ll be posting it to Holding onto Stars tomorrow (as usual), and… here it is!

Battle Scars

A bunch of battle scars

Were laced around her neck

A reminder of broken hearts

That time would not forget

Her faith left shaken

She could not glance up

All these unfamiliar faces

Could not restore her love

But there that day she sat

Tears for all but her

Talking of the past

Speaking of the worst

One question after next

Sweaty palms and aching limbs

She could not tell the rest

She could not say the words of him

And then she took another breath

Taking in sweet oxygen

Thinking of her peace ahead

She cleansed herself of all his sins

And now there is a man that stands

And speaks to her what should be done

She finally looks up from her hands

Cynical thoughts now on the run

A promising future he foresees

One where she shall finally be

Loved, healthy, secured, happy

And infinity, completely, and truly


Let me know what you thought… and have a good one!


5 thoughts on “Battle Scars.

    1. Thank you! And the man… could be whoever you think he is! Haha. Really, though, I hadn’t even thought of it that way… but it definitely could be interpreted like that! When I was writing I just imagined a random man coming forward to help her get out of her situation, but that could also surely be the case as well!

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      1. Dominic Sceski

        Wow! That’s very interesting! I’m usually pretty specific about what I want my readers to feel and think about my writing. Interesting!

        Liked by 1 person

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