A special poem preview day…

Hey y’all, I’m back with a very special edition of poem previews from Holding onto Stars!

Not really special as in… celebrating anything or a holiday edition or anything… just special because tomorrow I plan on publishing a number of poems, not just one.

They’re all haikus and shorts, though, so… that’s why, haha.

I just had a lot of these floating around in my poems word document, though, and I wanted to get them published already, so I just decided to bulk upload ’em.

Anyway, here’s our first poem preview… called (get this) Haiku #3!

I write poetry from my soul

Get inspiration from the stars

And stories from my heart

There’s the first one!

And here is the second… called Haiku of Home!

Home- It is not where you are

Or not what it is

But rather who you are with.

And the next… Haiku en Español! (Because it’s in Spanish… but I’ll also include a little English translation as well.)

Si sino es un juego,

y sólo juega,

por qué tengo fe en lo?

-English Translation-

If destiny is a game,

and only it plays,

why do I have faith in it?

And the last for today… though it isn’t a haiku, it’s just a short lil’ poem. And this one’s called… I didn’t do it. 

Please, stop,

I didn’t do it.

It hurts a lot;

I can’t take it.

I swear to you-

I didn’t do it.

So… that’s it for today!

Be back soon with more poems and stories and discussions and such soon!


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