THE 100th Post!!!



This is THE 100th blog post!!!

So, I thought about just sitting down today and reviewing all of our progress here on this blog and give y’all some of my thoughts on what you can expect from me here in the future… but then I was like… nah.

Instead, I really want to focus on just why this blog is so important… not just to me, but also for the writing community as a whole. (And, yes, I know I’m a lil’ baby blog, but just listen.)

Oh, and to hand out my limitless thank yous!

So, first off… I started this blog site on March 7th of this year, and this was my first blog post. It was kind of boring… just an explanation of my post tags and why I had started the blog to begin with, though I didn’t exactly quite know the answer to that and still don’t. But that was almost a full six months ago!!! And… yeah, I still can’t wrap my head around that.

A lot has happened in the world since March. And a LOT has happened to ME.

Now, I’m not going to get into specifics or anything… but these past six months, for me, have been very rough. Again, no specifics, but things just… really have not been the best all around.

What has been almost the best thing for me recently… is (guess what) this blog.

I never wanted to get too personal and share details from my real life with everyone here on this blog or get too close with my posts or anything… but, after a while, really, how can you not?

This blog honestly means so much to me and I really didn’t think six months ago that I would still be running it consistently today. It’s crazy, really, how attached to it I’ve become… and how attached I’ve become to the people that like and comment on my posts every week! Really, guys, it means the world to me.

And so… keeping this blog has really helped me through a lot lately. I mean, yes, posting on Wattpad (since I’ve been active there longer) and writing in general every day, or almost every day, has helped tremendously, too, but… blogging is different. There’s just something about it. I’m not sure what, but I think it’s the welcoming community we all share here and the easy spread of positivity from blog to blog… it’s just really heart-warming.

Don’t you guys think?

Now, I know my blog is still fairly new and I haven’t built a super large community around it just yet… but I know it’s still here to benefit you all as well. I mean… when I write, you guys are the ones I have in mind, not me! And judging by the decent amount of likes, comments, and overall traffic, I think that I’m serving you all pretty well as of right now.

Along with that, though, little blogs like mine can make an even bigger difference in the online writing communities as a whole. I mean… we may be small blogs, but our words are big, powerful, and positive. We all pitch in to encourage each other through our comments and messages online, and I love that about this community. And every writing platform/website has a different approach to that (Wattpad vs. WordPress vs., etc.), but each one that I’ve been apart of or have visited accomplishes the same ideals and you can find your own special home in each different community they have to offer. And I’m extremely proud to call this one here on WordPress my home. ❤

So… thank you, thank you, thank you ALL for joining my community here, letting me join in on yours, and spreading words of both wisdom and positivity to both me and others. Never ONCE have I experienced or seen any negativity of any kind in the six months that I’ve been here, and I’m so grateful and happy to be able to say that.

Again… thank y’all, thank y’all, thank y’all!!! ❤

Well… this is my 100th blog post. I’ll take a sigh and a bow now.

I just wanted to really make this a big appreciation post for you all, and I hope I accomplished that goal. Now… let’s go celebrate!


I hope you all have an amazingly happy exciting day and that you feel uplifted from this post… and all my other ones both from the past and future, too!

-iKari 💯

9 thoughts on “THE 100th Post!!!

  1. Congrats on your 100th post! 🎉🎊🎈🎉🎊🎈
    Hope you’ll have many more to come. 😀

    It’s great this blog is almost the best thing for you! I agree the blogging community is wonderful, and I’m glad I’m part of yours. ❤️

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