Vlog #2!

Yay, I did another vlog!

These things really get addictive after you start doing them…

So, this time, I decided to do a lil’ poetry reading like I had mentioned previously. I chose to read aloud “The Black Art” by my personal favorite poet Anne Sexton, a poem about what it really means and feels like to be a writer.

My analysis, honestly, is pretty plain, though… mostly because I didn’t think about what to say much ahead of time, but also because I wanted to leave it an open ended thing and up to interpretation. Also, I just did it because the poem itself was short and I felt like the video wouldn’t be long enough without it… but, whatever, you know?

Anyway, here’s my second vlog in the making!

I hope you enjoyed it and let me know how trashy or amazing it really was!


One thought on “Vlog #2!

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