It’s been 6 months… 

…since I self-published my first ebook, Cartoon!


(Okay, really not that long… but that’s the scene I first thought of, haha.)

And yes, it’s still available for download, and yes, it’s still completely free!

So, for the longest time after I first published it, I grew really tired and sort of annoyed with doing self-promotion so constantly. More specifically, I grew real tired of talking/typing about my book all the time, the same thing again and again but just reworded in the slightest different manner.

Cartoon Cover

But, now that it’s been a full six months since I first self-published and at least four since I last ran my fingers or my mouth away talking about it, I think I’m ready to enjoy reliving and describing to you all my first full-length novel.

And, who knows, maybe you’ll find yourself interested enough in downloading the text for yourself! Again… it’s free!

(…Yes, I’m totally in self-promotion mode right now.)

So… I should probably start talking about this now.

Cartoon was a very special and different piece of work for me to tackle down. It was… very different than anything I had written before [in terms of both length and genre(s)], and writing it went surprisingly fast. I mean… for being the longest thing I’ve ever written (130,000 words!), under two years is pretty impressive.

There’s a lot of different elements and things mixed into the words, too, so describing just what it’s exactly about is a real challenge for me.

If I had to detail it, though…

Cartoon is the story of a 16-going-on-17 year old girl and the adventures she gets to endure after she meets a boy who just happens to be a super awesome 007-spy kind of guy. He teaches her all the ropes of ‘secret agent work’ in time… and a few other things, too. 

…Good enough?

Well, I think the story really intensifies right from the first page. Right off the bat, I tried to make it as action-packed and thrilling as I could, so I promise you won’t get bored or turned-off. Unless you actually hate action, though… then sorry.

But, for real, I really, really, really avoided any and all dull moments… and, in turn, it was a blast for me to write, beginning to end. And, hopefully, since I had so much fun writing… you’ll have just as much reading!

Now, today marks the official six months since this book first made its ebook appearance. March 12th, 2017 was the date. And, ah… I remember so well… (not really, haha.)

Since then, though, Cartoon has managed to rack up a total of 218 downloads (and counting!) in major online retailers, like Barnes and Noble, iBooks, and Smashwords.

And… whoa. That is a lot. I mean, maybe it doesn’t seem like much to some of you or something… but, to a newbie like me, that really is a lot!

And so, I just really wanna take this time to thank each and every person who downloaded Cartoon, strangers and all! It really does mean the world to me… and because of this little success, I’ve promised myself that I will never stop writing. And I want to thank you all for giving me the courage and confidence to actually say that.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so, so much!

Cartoon is and always will be my first big ebook baby (haha), and I really am proud to call it mine… and I am so grateful to everyone who has downloaded it, will download it in the future, or shown me any support with writing it… or writing anything in general!

And that includes all you other sweet bloggers here!

Thank you all soooooo much! 

Now… I hadn’t really expected this to turn into a ‘thank you, thank you, I love you’ fest, but… I mean, what did I really expect?

Oh, and I almost forgot…

I also wanted to take this post as a chance to share with y’all some updates on my possible upcoming ebooks… 

So, first, I do have a big comical and action-packed successor to Cartoon that I’ve currently got in the works! And, no, it is not a sequel… nor does it relate to any character or storyline laced into Cartoon at all. Cartoon is 100% a stand-alone book, I know that, and I will never write a sequel or prequel or anything to it because I know it is not meant to have one and I really don’t want to ruin what it’s got going just for it.

Sorry, I just really had to say that.

Anyway, though, this next book that I plan on (eventually) publishing is similar to Cartoon a bit in the fact that… it’s about another teenaged girl, and… that’s it, actually, haha.

Well, maybe my writing style is a bit similar… but that’s just coincidental and couldn’t be helped much anyway.

This book, though, I do plan to put up on Wattpad once I’m ready to start the publishing process… and then, though, I also think I’m going to self-publish it as a free ebook as well. That’s actually what I did with Cartoon, too… and I just think, for this next book, that process will work very well, also.

Don’t even try to get me to describe that one just yet, though.

Also, I’m working on another big teen fiction-esque story… about (surprise) another teen girl… in a coma. That one’s… not very funny or action-like at all, actually, and it’s… different in genre, I guess. I don’t have much else to say about it, though, and my plans for it are still pretty open… but I am considering skipping Wattpad and making this one a 99 cent ebook. Mostly just because I want to see how the 99 cent world could go for me, but I may or may not also give it a for-free period in the beginning of publishing, so don’t worry too much about the money just yet.

And when can you expect either of these new titles from me?

For the first book, I think I’ll finish it fairly quickly. I’ve been writing like a madman with it lately, sometimes at 1,000+ words per day, so it’ll get done really fast. It’s a fun one to write, haha. But, I believe you can expect to hear some good news about that one in… ~4 months? (Maybe less if I actually keep on track with writing it every day!)

And, for the latter, I haven’t been sticking to much of a good schedule with writing it, so… it could take 6 months or so before you hear anything about it.

Of course, though, I’ll be posting updates on any and all of my newest works in the future here on my blog!

And… if you read absolutely none of any of that part, it’s alright; I was typing it all more for my own sanity and clarity more than anything.

Well, I think this post has gone on long enough. Sometimes, once I get going on talking about my own writing… I just can’t stop (obviously).

Please let me know if you have downloaded Cartoon for yourself or if you have made plans to very soon so that I can personally thank you for making a tiny lil’ change in my life!

Thank you all so much. ❤


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