Poem Preview… My Words

Okay y’all, so I’m back with another one of these poem previews from Holding onto Stars over on Wattpad!

This one I really wanted to post here on my blog, too, because I think it’s very writer-relatable. And… that’s what our community here is all about!

So, anyway, here it is. It’s a little poem I wrote called “My Words”…

I know she tried to stop me
From dreaming like I do
She told me it’s no use
But that I always knew

I write so many words
That will never become heard
But I can’t stop myself
There’s too many pages left

I know she tried to stop me
To her my time’s a waste
With writing my words everyday…

But maybe they could make a change-
I can’t stop writing them anyway.

Let me know what you think/thought… especially my fellow writers out there!


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