Why you need to explore genres

Both as a writer AND a reader.

Let's explore

And, if you’re wondering, when I’m talking about “genres”, I’m talking about… the category of written work. Fiction vs. nonfiction, horror vs. rom-com, realistic fiction vs. fantasy… that sort of thing.

So, you probably… actually definitely already have a favorite genre. And that’s okay; I do, too! And your favorite genre of movie might be different than your favorite genre to write, which could be different still from the genre you prefer to read; that’s okay, too.

For example, my personal favorite type of movie to watch is comedy and rom-coms. My favorite thing to read is actually poetry- and usually not the funny kind. My favorite type of story to write is… well, a tie between comedy and horror/thriller. And, honestly, I absolutely hate watching horror movies… but, for whatever reason, writing them is a whole different ball game to me.

But, anyway, here’s why we’re really here today… I want to encourage you all to try watching/reading (and eventually writing) different genres of stories.

And here’s why.

  • You could (and likely will) find something new that you like if you break out of your routine genres.
  • Reading different types of genres and styles can actually help you improve your vocab. without much effort.
  • You could learn a thing or two about different lifestyles and cultures than what you know now, and, you never know, one of them could maybe even end up being the center of attention in your next hit novella.
  • A change of pace could help shake up your writer’s block every once in a while and could greatly improve your state of inspiration.
  • You could learn some new facts (especially from the sci-fi types) that you didn’t know before, and you could possibly include these newfound ideas in your next work.
  • You could end up taking up a great interest in one specific book (a classic, perhaps?) and find you want to specifically reference it in your next book.

As for trying your own hand at writing new and different genres than what you’re used to, I could type out another lengthy list… but it would all just come down to this:

You will just grow as a writer, with almost no rhyme or reason behind it. 

And you can trust me on that. I’m your example of proof.

I never once would have thought of writing an action/adventure story… not even the shortest short story in the world. It sounded way too out of my league for the longest time. But then I took a leap of faith with it, and my first full-length novel, Cartoon, was born. Believe it or not, that was the first time I ever wrote that kind of genre. And… see how it turned out?

And if you find that you think you actually suck at one genre, that’s okay. Try something different and, if you feel up to it, come revisit it at a later time. The first time I tried my hand at comedy (it’s almost always been my favorite to watch, too, so… I guess I just assumed I’d rock at it), it was… awfully terribly cringy. It was a long time ago, though, and every time I look back at it… I just want to pull my hair out. Now, however, I’m trying it once again (for my next big upcoming novel!), and I can safely tell you it’s 156x better.

But, again, if you really find you don’t like something… then it’s alright. Don’t worry about it. I’ve tried nonfiction/memoir-esque things multiple times before… and I’ve come to accept that I actually really very much suck at it. Every time I try typing it up, my mind ends up wandering and wishing I were actually making something else up.

If that happens to you, though… at least you tried, and at least you learned something from it.

And… you never know before you try, right?

Let me know what your favorite genres to write are and if you’ve tried anything new recently… or plan to soon!

Why you need to explore more genres… did I convince you? 

-iKari wants to try fantasy and sci-fi next!

5 thoughts on “Why you need to explore genres

  1. I agree! I like all sorts of stories, though personally I prefer writing fantasy / action-adventure (standard RPG game stuff, yeah 😆).

    Five years ago, I decided to try my hand at writing a collection of short stories with a recurring theme that is the protagonist, and each story is in a different character’s point of view and focuses on their relationships with the protagonist and how they change. Despite winning NaNoWriMo once with it, I still struggled to write it for five years, and now I’m at the point where I only have one last short story to write before it’s done! I probably wouldn’t attempt something like this again, but I do like how the short story collection turned out in the end and I’d say it broadened my horizons. 😀

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    1. Action/adventure has been my go-to recently it seems, haha.
      And oh, that’s exciting! It sounds vaguely (very, haha) similar to the story I’m writing right now… just in the idea that it’s a lot of short story-like chapters put together in a book format, haha. Congrats on the NaNoWriMo, too! I’ve always wanted to try that out, but I always forget, haha. Maybe this will be the year, though… who knows, though!
      I really hope you get to finish it soon, though! It sounds very interesting and I have a big feeling you’re a really amazing story writer! ❤

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      1. Me too, except I don’t enjoy writing battle scenes (I wish I could just write “And they won the battle!!” for every battle scene I had to write 😆).

        Thanks for the congrats! I might be cheating a little with NaNoWriMo considering I write video game novelisations, though I picked older games with stories that I believe could be executed better and have enough space for me to add my own ideas too. You’re just in time for this year’s NaNoWriMo, so I hope you’ll take part this round too! 😀

        And thanks very much for the kind words! It means a lot, especially since I’ve just recently gathered enough courage to reveal my online pseudonyms that I write stories with (link: https://storiesofahsi.wordpress.com/2017/10/08/conquering-fear-revealing-my-past-pseudonyms-and-stories-written/). While I’m not amazing, I think I’m an all right writer. ❤

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      2. Really? I think battles are pretty fun, haha. Then again, I don’t get to write them very much.
        Nah, I don’t think you’re cheating at all! 😉 As long as you put in hard work and get something amazing back, you’re probably doing it all right!
        And ooo, I’ve got to check out some of your work then! I’m sure it’s all spectacular! ❤

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      3. Writing novelisations of video games certainly means there are lots of battles! I like writing them if only I could choreograph the battles on the spot; I’m not exactly good at thinking of battle strategies. 😅

        Thanks for the kind words! Good to know I’m not really cheating. I do try and write it like it’s my own version of retelling the story. 😀

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