Just an update…

I’m sick, guys!


So, I went on a camping trip with two of my adorable nephews last weekend, and it was an amazing time, really, but… my youngest neph had a cough during the night, and then I woke up with a soar throat a few days after getting back home, and then… I woke up today with a full-blown head cold.

My ears are plugged, my body aches, I have a gagging cough, and there’s mucus oozing from every pore. (Just to give y’all a vivid image.)


So, now, this update post is serving as a ‘get out of a real blog post free card’. Because… I’m so zonked out on NyQuil (even during the day… I mean, I don’t actually have any other cold medicine to use) and every moment I don’t spend passed out on the couch with Kleenexes stuck all over in my hair I find that I don’t have much energy for doing anything else besides drink chai and stare like a cold-blooded (get it?) zombie at the tube.

So… yeah, that’s been my life today and a little bit yesterday and part of the day before. And Lord knows that when I get sick… it’s all go big and go home for at least a week or longer. But I guess that’s okay, because I’d really rather have one hard, long illness once a year or so than have little partially pesky ones every other month.


And so… that’s all for today, folks!

Now… let me take my fifteenth nap for today.


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