One of my favorite poem previews!!!

Yay, I’m so glad this day has finally come!

One of my personal favorites from my Wattpad poetry collection, Holding onto Stars, is ready to be published! And I’m so excited to share it with all y’all here first.

This one is modeled kind of like a story (probably why I like it so much), and it’s called “Mr. Wilson”.

I do hope you guys like it… and here it is!

Swallow it so you’re not hollow.

Take a shot— it’s all you’ve got.

Make yourself a man again, Pete.

It’s your only real thought all week,

The only one that keeps your mind alive.

We both know how you feel in that place;

We each think it’s your last escape.

But tell me, Mr. Wilson, why make yourself wait?

You could remain in infinity for more than one night;

You could sleep there forever if you tried;

And even that bottle can’t make you die.

Though even you know what you’re doing,

Peter Wilson, with your hand-pressed tie

And your tongue twisted in lies.

You’re very good, you know,

And your boss sure won’t suspect a thing.

You can’t have foul habits; you seem far too clean.

But at the end of the day that doesn’t matter,

By that time your worries will have melt

And you won’t care of the troubles you once felt.

And the drugs only touch your hands, Mr. Wilson,

Not mine nor the gloves of your boss,

And certainly not your ex-wife’s or the ones of God.

So let me know again, Pete, if you are unhappy,

Why do you stick around?

Did you say you were vain, or were you just proud?

Now don’t act so innocent,

It wasn’t life that played you,

It was you that played it.

But I suppose that there’s nothing left

But either the poison or the mess in your head,

And I’ll take my best guess.

So swallow it, please, Mr. Wilson,

Just take your shot— it’s all you’ve got.

Ah, yeah… definitely one of the faves.

Let me know you think/thought of it, and… I hope we still have at least one or two poem previews left! If not, though… at least this one can end the series with a bang.

Until the next post…


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