Poem preview (and an ode to the fellow writers!)

Hey y’all, welcome back!

This week I wanted to focus on some poem previews, since… well, my collection over on Wattpad seems to be running thin these days.

Yeah, I’m going to wrap this whole chapter of poetry up pretty soon. 

But, don’t be too sad… because I’ve got a special lil’ poem for all you fellow writers today!

And it’s called “So I Write”. Here it is.  

Only writing gives me the chance

To be free, different, creative and such

But wait-

What was it you wanted me to write next month?

Take down the gates, break off the fences

Give me a second to just form a sentence…

…It doesn’t matter how my words look in my brain

But rather how they play out upon the page

Whether cheerful or sad,

Thrilling or fascinating, or something like that,

They give life to meaning;

They’re a reason worth breathing

And, I have to say, if it’s otherwise you want,

You’ll just have to wait a couple more months.

Just as usual, I’ll be posting this poem in Holding onto Stars tomorrow. Let me know what you thought/think!

Until then, though…


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