Yes, sadly, the time has come…

This is our last poem preview for Holding onto Stars.

However, you may wish to stay tuned for our farewell post for my first full length poetry collection on Sunday, when I’ll be posting the final chapter of it on Wattpad and saying goodbye to an era of beautiful words.

Until then, though… enjoy my final poem preview for the book.

This one’s called Mask.

There was a time that I wore the mask.
You know- the bright, colorful thing
That was deep but uncomplicated.
The thing that always made you laugh.

It started out strong, new and fierce,
But over time, the colors seemed to fade
Slowly, as all else began to change.
And then dirty it became.

But one day I dropped my mask.
And then it cracked.
And once like that,
It can’t go back.

I tried to patch it up,
God knows I really tried.
But I could only hide the cut.

Yet I tried the mask back on,
A scar now on my face,
And it spoke of all the things
That I could never say.

Another time I tripped again,
And then my mask slipped off.
And then it snapped.
And it broke it half.

This time it wouldn’t stitch.
This time it wouldn’t fix.
This time I had to stop;
This time I cried for it.

There was nowhere left to hide;
I couldn’t afford another veil.
I could only afford to buy
Myself some extra time.

I threw the pieces that remained into a corner;
I swept them under the rug.
They had to still exist,
But hidden from their mourner.

And then all that remained
Was time to sit and wait.

I waited for a change.
I waited to awake.
I waited for a day
When my new face came.

But you already know
That never did happen.
You already know
How life likes to play
That game.

But only today did I realize
That my mask was never mine.
It was merely a facade
Only seen in my eyes.

And so I’d like to tell you
That I made the decision today
To throw that broken mask,
My old disguise,
Finally away.

Mask will be published in Holding onto Stars tomorrow.

Until then, though…


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