The end of a poetry era.

Well, that day has finally come. It’s the day we wrap up and send off Holding onto Stars.


Holding onto Stars was my first ever real attempt at writing poetry, and I think I can say with at least some confidence that it was a success.

While I was writing each and every one of the 91 poems included in this collection, I was dealing with a number of difficult things in my real life situations. Some were related to what I chose to write about, and some had nothing to do with it. But I think that’s the beauty of the finished collection- you, as the reader, have absolutely no idea which ones I wrote from personal experiences and which ones were complete works of fiction.

…I know, though, and I can at least tell you that there were a few that were very near and dear to me… and those were the ones that I found a hard time with hitting the publish button on.

Overall, though, I think this all calls for a celebration. I finally finished my first full-length poetry collection!


And, I think you can all expect some more lovely little poems from yours truly in either the near or distant future. This first collection was pretty scattered in style, though, because I was exploring different forms and feeling my way throughout the world of verse… and I can say that the next collection will be more focused and tied together a little bit better, and all will have a central theme and form (and, yes, I already have my ideas for how that’ll all go!).

But, as for now, you can read through what I’ve already created in Holding onto Stars. And, today, we post the final poem of the book!

So, I hope you do take time to scroll through what I’ve created over on Wattpad… and I hope you’ve enjoyed this beautiful era as much as I have!


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