Another poetry reading…

This one… “A Girl and Teddy”.

I like this one a lot, too. Mostly because of its story-esque format… but also because it’s pretty intense. Thrilling even, maybe.

Anywho, let’s get right on to checking out this sweet lil’ poem in all its glory!

Here we go…

Poem Transcript:

Sitting there in the middle of the night
She hugged her teddy real tight
And waited for the minutes to pass

Through the walls she felt their words
The only thing that could have been worse
Is if she’d tried to hold her thoughts back

But now time feels as if never ending
And it’s hard for her to think through the yelling
Now even teddy wants to shed a tear

But she can’t take it anymore
She stands up to approach her door
She’s ready to fight within her fears

And then she goes out to the hall
Teddy right beside her through it all
And she prays she can go unseen

But then when she reaches the stairs
She peeks out to see them standing there
And now there’s no chance to leave

Yet she stays to watch
As her dad strikes her mom
And teddy wants to cover her eyes

She can’t look away
While her mom tries to say
This would be the very last time

But then it happens again
And her daddy had said
He hates what she’s done

But then teddy falls down
And he turns around
As the little girl runs

He shouts out her name
While she hides away
In a secret safe spot

He snatches her bear
Then climbs up the stairs
And again he will call

But for him it’s too late
She’ll stay in her hidden place
Until he’s gone the next day

Let me know what y’all thought… slash think! And there’s even more coming soon…

Thanks for watching and (hopefully) enjoying!


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